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Vitens N.V. (“Vitens”) is the largest supplier for drinking water in the Netherlands. The main strategic focus lies on a reliable and affordable drinking water supply, protecting and maintaining clean resources and offering highly convenient customer services. With 2.6 million connections serving 5.8 million customers, Vitens supplies most of the central and northern part of the Netherlands through 93 production plants in the provinces of Flevoland, Friesland, Gelderland, Utrecht and Overijssel. With a share of 32 % of total connections in the Netherlands, Vitens is by far the largest of ten publicly owned supply companies, followed by Braband Water (15 %), Evides (13 %) and PWN (10 %). At the end of 2020, Vitens employed 1,443 people and had generated annual revenues totalling € 390.4 million.

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27.05.2021 A+ / stabil
11.06.2020 A+ / stabil
29.05.2019 A+ / stabil
29.05.2018 A+ / stabil
29.05.2017 A+ / stabil
12.12.2014 A+ / stabil