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Grammer AG


Scope Hamburg GmbH (Scope Hamburg) has affirmed the ‘BB‘ issuer rating and S-3 short-term rating of Grammer AG and has subsequently withdrawn the ratings. The ratings have been withdrawn for business reasons given the termination of the rating relationship. Scope Hamburg has formally notified the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) to expressly renounce its registration as a Credit Rating Agency. For this reason, the rating relationship was terminated.

Rating-Historie Notation/Outlook Ratingbericht
17.02.2023 BB / zurückgezogen
22.06.2022 BB / stabil
02.05.2022 BB+ / under review for changes in methodologies
22.06.2021 BB+ / stabil
04.06.2020 BB+ / negativ
23.03.2020 BBB- / watch negativ
29.05.2019 BBB- / stabil
28.09.2018 BBB / watch unbestimmt
18.05.2018 BBB / stabil
02.08.2017 BBB / stabil
03.05.2017 BBB / watch negativ
21.07.2016 BBB / stabil