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OPUS TIGÁZ Gázhálózati Zrt.


Scope Hamburg GmbH (Scope Hamburg) has placed the BB+ issuer rating of OPUS TIGÁZ Gázhálózati Zrt. and the BB+ issuance rating for the 2021/31 HUF 50bn senior unsecured bond under review for changes in methodologies (‘watch status’). The watch status results from the retirement of existing SH rating methodologies and introduction of rating methodologies, policies, and procedures applicable at Scope Group CRAs. Effective from 2 May 2022, all new ratings assigned by Scope Hamburg and existing corporate ratings currently assigned by Scope Hamburg will be in application of Scope Ratings rating methodologies.

Scope Hamburg will resolve the status of those ratings placed under review for changes in methodologies within six months following the effective day of the applicable rating methodologies but strives for a quicker resolution of the watch status.

Rating-Historie Notation/Outlook Ratingbericht
02.05.2022 BB+ / under review for changes in methodologies          
06.09.2021 BB+ / stabil          
07.09.2020 BB+ / stabil
14.08.2019 BB+ / stabil