Here you can download Scope Hamburg GmbH’s Code of Conduct and the report on how it is applied. The current Code of Conduct dated November 2019 replaces the version dated June 2018. The new Code of Conduct reflects and incorporates the amendments to the IOSCO Statements of Principles on Credit Rating Agencies of May 2008. For more information, go to:

Code of Conduct (November 2020)

In addition, the Code of Conduct defines the organisational principles to which Scope Hamburg GmbH is committed:

    • Integrity and quality of the rating process
    • Independence of the agency and avoidance of conflicts of interests
    • Agency’s responsibility towards the corporate sector and the general public

Income of Scope Hamburg GmbH

In addition, Scope Hamburg GmbH publishes a list of the companies being rated or affiliated third parties from which it receives more than five percent of its annual income.

Currently, Scope Hamburg GmbH does not receive more than five percent of its income from any rated entity or affiliated third party. In 2021, Scope Hamburg GmbH received more than five per cent of its income from one rated entity or affiliated third party: Leopoldstrasse Aviation Finance Sarl.

Breakdown of revenues

If Scope Hamburg GmbH receives ten percent or more of its annual revenues from a single rated issuer, originator, arranger, customer or any of their subsidiaries, this is disclosed here.

Currently, Scope Hamburg GmbH does not receive ten percent or more of its revenue from any third party.

Conflicts of interests

Here, Scope Hamburg GmbH publishes Scope CRAs’ Conflicts of Interest Policy

and Scope CRAs’ Potential Conflicts of Interest.

Currently, there are no existing conflicts of interests.

All market participants who have any questions, suggestions or complaints with respect to the Code of Conduct or any other matters concerning Scope Hamburg GmbH are asked to contact the Compliance Officer.

Transparency report

Here, Scope Hamburg GmbH publishes its annual transparency report in accordance with Annex 1 Section E III of the EU Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies:

> transparency report 2023
> transparency report 2022
> transparency report 2021
> transparency report 2020
> transparency report 2019
> transparency report 2018
> transparency report 2017

The policy supplement the transparency report, namely the archiving policy can also be downloaded here.

Employee remuneration principles

Here, Scope Hamburg GmbH discloses its employee remuneration principles in accordance with the EU Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies.

Validation study

The following study on the validation of the ratings assigned by Scope Hamburg GmbH aims to encourage the transparency of the capital market and its ability to assess rating results as effectively as possible.

Validation Study 2022

If you have any questions, please contact our

Compliance Officer: Julia Brünner

Tel: (+49) 40 60 77 812 32