Scope Hamburg GmbH » OUR VALUES


Our values determine our corporate culture and our day-to-day activities


For us integrity means acting ethically and responsibly. Our analyses satisfy the highest standards of quality – both those of our clients and our own. We speak our minds openly and sincerely on the basis of the information available to us. We distance ourselves from rating shopping and moral-hazard conduct.


Respect goes hand in hand with sincerity and empathy. We maintain open and honest relations with each other. We encourage the free expression of opinion and constructive criticism. Our decision-making and analysis processes are transparent. We are always aware of our function as role models and our responsibility.


For us, neutrality means impartiality towards all persons. Objective analysis and the free expression of opinion are possible only with complete impartiality. Our status as a legally independent and separate company ensures the necessary neutrality and independence in the formulation of our opinions. The necessary precautions have been taken at the group level to avert any risk to our neutrality and independence at any time.


A central factor in the long-term and sustainable success of rating agencies is confidence in the quality of their ratings. In this connection, the experience and qualifications of the responsible analysts constitute a decisive and objective criterion for the quality of the rating. Our employees are our most valuable assets and what sets us apart from our peers. We train our employees and encourage them to live up to our high quality standards. We create the necessary scope for personal development and invest specifically in the development of new skills.


A partnership founded in a spirit of mutual trust is possible only if client information is treated with the utmost confidentiality. This commitment to confidentiality is enshrined in our Code of Conduct, which all employees undertake to observe upon joining our Company. We undertake to refrain from disclosing any information obtained during the rating process to any third parties.