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Selecting the right rating partner is of crucial importance. Credible ratings will improve your company’s reputation in the capital market on a lasting basis.

The size of the company plays an important role in the selection of a suitable rating agency. Rating agencies with a relatively rigid scorecard used internationally may not be able to integrate mid-size companies and their specific risk profiles in particular in their model. Thus, globally active agencies chiefly rate the world’s largest companies and have calibrated their rating approaches and scales on this basis. As a result, upper mid-size companies are less likely to be awarded high ratings as they are compared with large multinationals.

Although we also factor in the size and particularly also the specific risk profile of a company in our rating process, it is possible for a mid-size company to achieve a good rating if it is a stable long-term business model in tandem with a very good debt position.


Our goal is to achieve the necessary transparency to heighten trust in your company’s creditworthiness and to allow you to tap new sources of funding. In addition to our external ratings for upper mid-size companies, we also offer solutions for optimising financial communications, portfolio management and for determining your company’s own financial ratio independently of the size of the company.

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