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In conducting our market analysis, we are able to rely on a broad knowledge base and, if necessary, one of the largest business networks to form our own independent opinion.


Our analyses focus on quality rather than quantity. Accordingly, they concentrate on identifying the individual risks to which the rated company is exposed. To this end, our analysts evaluate the potential and risks in the rating company’s business environment to determine any specific trends. The main determinants are depicted in a causal chain as a basis for assessing the plausibility of future scenarios in order to enhance the quality of the forecasts.


Our research team analyses the three macroeconomic levels:

  • Global
  • Regional
  • Sectoral


At the microeconomic level we analyse trends in the key industries such as automotive, mechanical engineering, renewable energies, telecommunications, trade ….

Our knowledge resources are constantly expanded with the experience of several hundred rating processes over the last few years, while specialist knowledge is amassed.